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2 September 1973
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Im a 39 year old mom of 5. They range from 18 to 8. Four boys and one very tough little girl. My hubby and I have been together for almost 14 years. Hes from Italy but raised in PA. Hes retired from the military and doesnt really do or get LJ,LOL! I was an army brat, (the hubby Navy) I was born in Seoul,S. Korea and raised all over. I have native american blood and quite a bit I think but Ive been yet to get confirmation on that. Doesnt stop me from being proud of my heritage though. Ive had alot of different jobs, from working for the Law Enforcement department at one of the leading Jr colleges in the south for police education, to doing wiring on missiles, to being a dancer and delivering phonebooks all over to a bartender! My dream growing up was to be a cop like my dad or an actress. Needless to say ive yet to do either. My teachers all said I'd be an actress or a writer, though Ive had nothing published since I was a teen and kind of stopped writing years ago. No time. Love meeting new people, especially those who share any of my many loves. I'm currently completely disabled from unknown causes. Aside from my index fingers I no longer have use of my hands .